About Us

Nightingale is an independent investment management firm delivering active equity strategies and capital preservation focused balanced strategies for individuals and institutions. We founded the company to help our clients reach their financial goals by creating a clear and robust investment process that, by putting risk assessment first, enables us to deliver high risk-adjusted returns and to conservatively protect capital when warranted.

Like our namesake, Florence Nightingale, we aim to interpret data about markets, companies and even our industry to form the best strategies to align us well with our clients. She may have been the first data scientist and she was clearly the first to encourage other professionals to accept data-driven actions. We strive to follow in her footsteps to be open-minded, creative and to be willing to do things differently if there’s a good reason to do so.

Our investment members each have over three decades of investment research, decision making and execution experience. That experience led us all to want to continually improve our approach. We took our pool of complementary skills and adopted only the best parts of each of our experiences. We partnered with our sister company, Equity Risk Sciences, to simplify the research process and limit our universe.

Nightingale focuses on disciplined, structured and well-reasoned investment strategies. We only do things that we believe will benefit our clients and we will only create new strategies if we believe we can do them well.


We’ll walk through your current investments with you and we can decide together if your legacy could be better protected with the way that we do things.