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Who We Serve

Nightingale is here to help families and institutions meet their investment objectives.

What We Do

We offer an alternative to overly diversified, high volatility investment strategies.

Not all companies are equal. We don’t think it’s a good plan to own all of them at once. Our in-house Risk-First process seeks out 20 – 35 individual companies for our clients’ equity portfolios.

We currently offer two concentrated model portfolios:

  • A multi-cap strategy that invests across all size companies in the US and Canada

  • A small/mid-cap strategy with companies less than $10 billion in market cap.

We can also customize ESG, Sector or other approaches using our Risk-First approach.


What Drives Us

Client success is the best measure of our company’s success.

Our purpose is to provide individuals and institutions actively managed investment options that focus on all the things that help reduce losses in down markets so that their assets can compound at a faster rate when markets are good. We are here for those investors who want a relationship that starts by assessing the risk of losses, not merely how much a stock or an investment has moved in the past.

Our main work focuses on the risk of individual equities and the overall equity market. Those are the most volatile investments in most investment programs and the ones that we are the best equipped to analyze. Nothing makes us happier than delivering strategies that have lower downside risks than upside risks.

We do not use passive equity products and are firm believers in active equity management. We build our client portfolios and strategies in-house, always with a Risk-First approach to every holding.


Our Latest Resources

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Let us show you our approach. We’ll walk through your current investments with you and we can decide together if your legacy and family could be better protected with the way that we do things.


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