Marketing Position for a RIA

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This is a perfect position for someone who loves marketing and HAS EXPERIENCE on Wall Street. You MUST have performed marketing for an investment firm, been a journalist covering Wall Street, or performed Public Relations for a Wall Street firm.

This position pays well, has flexible hours, offers quarterly bonuses, and offers an excellent opportunity for professional growth and higher base compensation.

We seek a Marketing Administrator to build, manage and administer communications outreach using technology platforms such Cision, PR Newswire, Prowley and email programs. Candidate will be responsible for the full implementation of PR and marketing technology. We have Senior Marketing and Public Relations managers; you will assist them, and you will report to the CEO. Can you utilize LinkedIn and other social media to identify appropriate people and institutions to communicate with?

We are a group of 7 professionals, 5 of whom each have over 25 years on Wall Street. We came together to launch a NEW kind of firm. We are focused exclusively on serving people with capital that they absolutely, positively MUST NOT LOSE. We cannot guarantee this, but we are confident we can perform as needed.

Our goal is to make Capital Preservation Advisors a national firm in the next 36 months.
Can you help us achieve this goal? If you can, you will earn great rewards!

We use proprietary technology from Equity Risk Sciences. See:

Check out what Forbes recently said about us:

Capital Preservation Advisors serves:

  1. Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) and the owners of RIAs
  2. Lawyers & owner of Law firms,
  3. CPAs and owners of CPA firms,
  4. Directors of Publicly traded companies
  5. High net worth families (and family offices),
  6. Public & Private Pensions, and
  7. Endowments, Foundations and Non-Profit Organizations

This is a part-time position. If you are especially productive, you may keep it part-time or become a full time professional. Pay will be commensurate with experience, and your achievements at our firm. Quarterly bonuses may be earned for exceptional performance. We strongly believe in rewarding success.

Our two affiliated companies are and

We encourage you to send a letter of introduction along with your resume to

Capital Preservation Advisors is a Registered Investment Advisor building a unique national brand as a leader in capital preservation and incorporating leading financial technology from affiliated company Equity Risk Sciences.

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