Capital Preservation Advisors is hiring.

Will you be a great Director of M&A or
a great Financial Wholesaler?

The Director of M&A will have the vision and skills to encourage owners of successful RIAs to enter a joint venture, merge with, or sell their firms to CPA. He or she will be responsible for evaluating and designing a financial relationship with the target that will be in the best interest of the principals and clients of CPA over the long term. The Director of M&A will become a significant shareholder in CPA.

The Financial Wholesaler will encourage owners of successful RIAs to use Capital Preservation Advisor’s investment management expertise and/or gain access and support in using the financial technology of Equity Risk Sciences. The Financial Wholesaler will become a shareholder in CPA.

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Capital Preservation Advisors will become a major national RIA.

Candidates must have at least 15 years of in business development, strategy or relationship roles in the investment management industry.

To apply for this job, please send your resume and cover letter to

Capital Preservation Advisors is a Registered Investment Advisor building a unique national brand as a leader in capital preservation and incorporating leading financial technology from affiliated company Equity Risk Sciences.