Capital Preservation Advisors will soon be a nationally branded RIA. We are seeking a Chief Operating Officer to help us get there. This position can be performed remotely.

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Our affiliated company, Equity Risk Sciences, will provide research allowing CPA to provide clients with very low-volatility portfolios and significantly higher long-term returns than the S&P Index, while exclusively investing in companies in exceptionally strong financial condition. We will happily show you our data.

We are seeking professionals to join CP Advisors. Our firm is made up of 5 people with a combined total of over 125 years of investment experience. Our president seeks to spend his time exclusively on business development and expansion, while the COO will implement and manage strategic plans to help the firm grow.

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Capital Preservation Advisors is a Registered Investment Advisor building a unique national brand as a leader in capital preservation and incorporating leading financial technology from affiliated company Equity Risk Sciences.