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Forbes Article Follow-Up

It has been 76 days since Lawrence Carrel's article about Equity Risk Sciences and the high risk of the overall market appeared in Forbes. On May 27, 2020 the S&P 500 closed at 3,036.13. Today, August 11, 2020, it closed at 3,333.69, or about 10% higher than it was when the Forbes article was [...]

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Microsoft (MSFT) – A Case Study in Company Risk

In 1990, Microsoft was a “safe” company. Today it is very risky: 12/31/1990 12/31/2005 12/21/2018 5 Year Revenue Growth 851% 74% 43% 5 Year Debt Growth as % of 5 Year Revenue Growth N/A 141% 425% Debt to Revenues 17% 55.7% 149.4% Price to Sales Ratio 5.84 6.73 6.68 PE Ratio 24.2 21.3 40.8 [...]

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Many Large Stocks Lost -35% Over The Last Year

Over the last year, many large stocks LOST 35% or more. These losses were avoidable. EPS’s proprietary “Company Risk Indicator” (CRI) provided a clear warning of the potential losses from these stocks.

By |2018-12-21T16:12:04-04:00December 19th, 2018|Equity Performance Sciences, Ray's Thoughts|

His Contract Will Not Protect You

August 2018 His Contract Will Not Protect You By Ray Mullaney Originally published in Senior Digest Where is Ralph Nader? Investors Need Him Badly! When the market falls, your savings will fall (40% or more is likely) and your advisor will do nothing to protect you. The problem is: [...]

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10 Stocks At the Highs, 10 Stocks at the Lows

Many people believe things about stocks and the stock market that simply aren't true. For example, some people believe that the biggest, most expensive companies in America must also have the best, safest stocks. If you'd bought the biggest and "best" stocks near the top of the market, however, you'd have fared pretty badly, even after 10 years.

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