Our Professionals

Our professionals have over 100 years of combined investment experience across:

  • Forensic Accounting – Risk Analysis by Financial Statement Analysis
  • Risk Analysis using Proprietary Advanced Big-Data Analytics
  • Portfolio Construction, Asset Allocation and Alternative Assets
  • Institutional Equity Research, Portfolio Management and Trading

Meet the Team

Raymond Mullaney, Principal, has over 40 years on Wall Street. His leadership has been recognized by Reagan’s White House Conference on Small Business and by political leaders including former Massachusetts Senator John Kerry. Ray’s work has been nationally published. Ray is also the founder of Equity Risk Sciences. Ray has a Master’s degree from Stonybrook University.
“I created this company to protect your capital, nothing less.”

Douglas Burtnick, CFA, Partner, is Head of Portfolio Management and focused on research, stock selection, and operations. Doug graduated from Cornell’s Dyson School of Management.
“I joined Nightingale because there is nothing more important to expanding a client’s wealth than making sure they don’t lose money. ”

Thomas Harpin, Partner, has been with the firm for 7 years. Tom is the resident math and data science expert. Mr. Harpin graduated from Bryant University with a B.S. in actuarial mathematics.
“Data is a powerful tool to find opportunities for profit. We use that power for our clients’ benefit.”

Peter Walsh, Partner, is focused on stock selection, trading and marketing. Pete is a graduate of Bentley University where he majored in Finance. He is a member of the National Organization of Investment Professionals.
“My goal is to leverage my 29 years of trading and investing experience to protect investors from Wall Street biases.”

Nightingale Advisors uses proprietary technology from its sister company,
Equity Risk Sciences, to assess the riskiness of
individual stocks, sectors and the overall market.

Riskier stocks do not offer greater appreciation potential than safer stocks.

Compounding gains works much better when you limit losses.

Using Reliable Technology To Protect Your Capital

Scientifically driven allocation and selection

Conservative security selection – low downside, high upside

To learn more,

Call Ray or Doug at (401) 450-4040 or email